Everyone has stories to tell about their younger selves. About parents, grandparents, or Aunts and Uncles baking the most amazing treats. I am no different.
My mother was born in 1910 and grew up in a time when being a housewife really was being a Domestic Engineer.
She grew up in a house where they Washed on Monday, Ironed on Tuesday, Mended on Wednesday, Churned on Thursday, Cleaned on Friday, Baked on Saturday, and Rested on Sunday.
She kept that schedule for most of her life. All except the churning. That was the day we shopped.
Saturday was the best day of the whole week, in my book!
From the time we got up in the morning until well after dinner, we baked. Bread, pies, cookies, cakes, sweet rolls, and so much more. And when the holiday came around we baked during the week.
A lot of my mother's recipes can be found at Bakery On The Square but they have been adapted and improved by Amanda's pastry talents.