We announced that we were relocating our bakery business from Meadville to Andover and one of the comments we received was, 'why would you move your business from a town of 23,000 to a town of 2,300?'
It was a very good question!
And it has several very good answers. The first being our cost of living.
In Andover, we own our home and we own our storefront. Taxes are extremely low and we don't have to pay for things like parking our cars.
But the other aspect is that even though there are only 2,300 people living in Andover, there are 4,500,000 tourists that come here every year.
The Pymatuning Chamber of Commerce encompasses all the little towns around Pymatuning Lake and has a great network of promotional opportunities for small businesses.
The Ashtabula Visitors Bureau is an amazing resource that advertises this entire region. And the support among the locals for their small businesses is wonderful.
And then there is the lake itself. We played on this lake. We ate at these restaurants. We visited the wineries and breweries. We fell in love with this area.
That's why we chose Andover.