Soup & Sandwich Menu.

Every Thursday and Friday, starting at 11:00, we will be serving our Tomato Bisque and Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

We will also serve a Soup Of The Day and a Sandwich Of The Day.
We will be posting our Daily Specials on both Facebook and Instagram.

Amanda’s Biscotti

Amanda’s Biscotti
Amanda has been making Biscotti for over 15 years. 
Her flavors include: Lavender Honey, Cranberry Orange, Chocolate with Chocolate Chip, Anise, Spice, Cranberry, Lemon Poppy, and Toasted Coconut with Chocolate Chips.


Sourdough Starter from 1893

 I would like to talk a little bit about sourdough bread. More specifically, our sourdough bread.

We have two starters that Paul uses to create Andover Sourdough.

One dates back to 2004. The other dates back to 1893.

The 2004 starter is used in Paul’s white sourdough. He uses an unbleached, unbromated stone ground aged bread flour for this bread.

The 1893 dates back to a mining community in Cripple Creek Colorado. This starter is used in Paul’s Multigrain and Whole Wheat Sourdough. 

In his book ‘Sourdough Culture’ Eric Pallant writes about the history of Sourdough and in particular the 1893 Starter that we use here at Bakery On The Square.

Cake & Cupcake Price List


Espresso Bar Menu

Our Espresso Bar is small but mighty!
Our Espresso Blend and Single Origin coffees come from Harbor Perk, 
located on Bridge Street in Harbor OH.